Version 0.31 (2005-02-02)
- Added a few epsilon macros

Version 0.3 (2005-01-17)
- Test suites are now individually runnable (see UsingSuites)
- Included a simple Makefile for simple.c
- Decreased floating point epsilon
- Removed more unused variable warnings
- Expanded on comments in tests.h
- TESTING_MODE is defined when tests.h is included

Version 0.25 (2005-01-06)
- Added "break on failure" and "exit on failure" configuration options
- Removed unused variable compilation warnings (see HowToUse)
- Added more floating point assertion commands: ASSERT_GT(), ASSERT_LT(), etc.
- Added FAIL() macro - Added TESTS_BREAK() and TESTS_HALT() macro
- The online Wiki now has macro reference documentation (MacroReference)

Version 0.2 (2005-01-05)
- Rewrote most of the readme file
- Added more comprehensive documentation

Version 0.1 (2004-12-17)
- Initial public release

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